Banned Books – An Unwise Decision

Highland Park ISD has suspended after the protesting of parents on the books’ mature contents. Among those books, some are classics, while the others are nonfiction and contemporary fictions. The parents assert that the novels’ graphic sexual contents and strong languages are corrupting the students’ minds and are inappropriate for a classroom-learning environment.

During the school meetings, the parents argue that high school students should not be exposed to the hardship of adults and the cruel face of society. It is a reasonable assertion, for it is in a parent’s nature that we can find the protectiveness for his or her child. However, exposure to the harsh contents of the novels may bring much more benefit than harm to the students. High school is the last shelter before college. In college, independence is key. Without parents and teachers’ constant guidance and guardianship, students may often find themselves in unfortunate situations. For example, the bars by the college are nests for criminals. Drug or rape crimes are often being reported in college or at the bars. Thus students have to know how to take care of themselves and vaccinate themselves with an adequate amount of knowledge on the cruel side of life, such as rape. The novels often provide strong images of the characters fighting in life and overcoming the hardships. The novels may then inspire the students to face their own problems and troubles with determination and courage. By learning about the harsh contents at school under the leading of a teacher, students may truly understand the present and lurking hardships of life, thus they can better prepare themselves for the future.

Also, some parents suggest that contemporary young adult novels taint their children’s minds with obscene languages and graphic sexual descriptions, thus the students should read more classics instead of the more modern ones. However, in the English curriculum, Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is considered a classic. However, the classic still contains sexual images. Contemporary novels contain no less value than classics. Instead, their different writing styles can open the eyes of young adults to a different point of view of the world.

Because of their protective nature, parents often try to wrap their children in sugarcoated blanks in pillow-filled rooms. Ironically, their actions are actually sending their children to doom. After all, survival is for the fittest. Without previous knowledge or even exposure to the tough world, a child will be lost and destroyed by the manipulative society, like an insect being smashed under someone’s foot. Learning to become a fighter in life is much better than avoidance of the acerbic reality.

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