Voyage in Time

Several years ago, I read an article on DNA and how new technology can now help identify relationships and solve crimes through looking at the genetic code. The technology has certainly helped several scientists to make an interesting discovery: In a cave close to a small town, an ancient human skeleton had been discovered. After careful analysis, scientists realized that the skeleton belonged to a person that was a distant relative of the town’s schoolteacher; and the teacher only lived several miles away from the cave – the teacher has found his ancestor that lived thousands of years ago.

I have always tried to imagine what would my ancestors look like back during the time of the dynasties. It would be interesting to know what jobs they held and how they lived, but I know little about my ancestors. On my dad’s side of family, it is a tradition to keep a “Jia Pu”, or a written record of the family line; but I have never seen it. On the other hand, I have never heard that my mother’s family does such record keeping. My dad’s side is more focused on farming, so many are farmers. While my mom’s side leans toward education, art, and literature, so most of them are scholars. The oldest family members I have met are my mom’s grandparents. I do not remember much about meeting them, however, since I was too young when my mom took me to visit them. It is a miracle for a family line to travel such a long way against the current of time. In the beginning, the ancestors had to survive in the harsh wilderness, escaping the claws of beasts and wrath of nature. Then they fought their way through endless famine, war, dynasty revolutions, foreign invasions, and all the other chaotic events to let their offspring stand today.


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