(This week’s blog prompt is a complete contrast against this weekend’s mood, but I will try to come up with something…)

While it is necessary to identity personal flaws and work to improve them, discovering strength and ability also benefits a person. It is important to balance those two sides, for too much self “finger-pointing” will lead to depression. On the other hand, excessive self confidence may result in a arrogant personality.

Even though going to competitions makes me nervous every time, I have successfully developed several ways to minimize anxiety and enjoy the experience. I would prepare hard for the entire year and I make myself memorize my lines so well that they are engraved into my genetic codes. I am proud of my memorization skills, and when it connects with hard work, I can often get brilliant results. I always try my hardest in every competition to express myself fully, especially in categories such as drama and poetry, which requires lots of “stepping out of my shell” type of dedication.

At school, I am impressed with myself for being able to function like a normal human being last year after getting up at four and sleeping at twelve almost everyday to study. I am still trying to get last year’s spirit back into junior year after a whole summer break. I am also pleased that I went back to the violin after almost a year of depressing consideration.

When looking at the social aspect of life, I think that I have become more talkative. I finally started to ignore my comfort zones and try new experiences, such as going to pvamu orchestra to play with them, or contacting volunteer and shadowing opportunities in college. Finally, I am proud that I can stop myself from drowning in depressing thoughts so far.

(After all, I did complete the blog, and I guess I’m quite proud of that.)


2 thoughts on “Proud(?)

  1. I was just wondering what kind of competitions you are involved in. Also, it’s always an accomplishment to adapt positively to change. In fact that is one of the hardest things about life and your ability to recognize that it is difficult just means that it will be more enjoyable when you are better about it in the future. Lastly, i wanted to say that it’s difficult to be less shy but it’s great to open up more and know people better.


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