What Are You Thankful For?

It is almost Thanksgiving, so the question rises again: What are you thankful for?

I would first like to direct my thanks at the existence and accessibility of chocolates. They have helped me through so many sulking and miserable hours. The rich and silky sensations that they bring are welcomed as a ray of sunshine at any time, any day. The sweetness warms a cold heart easily. It smooths the cracks and fills it with amiable joy. I heard somewhere that the world is running out of the supply of chocolates. If that is true, the world, at least my world, will truly end.

Next, I want to acknowledge another equally important part of my life and give it, or them, my thanks: the sky, and everything within it. Every morning when I walk out of my home, the sky never fails to amaze me with its gown sewn with the fabric of dawn. Especially on the day of the eclipse, the sky dressed up like a queen for such a grand occasion, gracing the entire cozy town of college station into a land of gold and fairy tale. Then at evening, after a brief retirement during noon, she puts on another dress that is more magical and mysterious and starts to dance. The sky’s shade changes with each passing second, for when she twirls fast around the burning ball of fire, she lures the clouds to joy with her. The sky loves to experiment with different color patterns. Violet, navy blue, baby blue, chrome yellow, aureolin, and floral white shows the sky’s love for the summer beach and the tropics. While cherry blossom pink,, alice blue, and cream reveals her sudden endearment towards vanilla cupcakes and smoothies.

At last, I give my thanks to emotions. Complex sentiment is the biggest flaw yet one of the most defining characteristic of mankind. Of course feelings can sometimes be painful. However, strong feelings often indicate the freshness and the ongoing exuberance of the world. Emotions often die down after a thing is no longer interesting or new. For example, nervousness and adrenaline rush often accompany a newly employed and young EMT. As time goes on, however, experience and calmness will replace his anxious feelings. Emotions are spices added to a dish, they are the electric shock that jostles a heart during defibrillation. Without them, it is hard to feel alive, for when we are writing our history every day, it is the emotion that gives the words meaning and color.

As usual, I have many other things to be thankful for. However, I picked those three since they occurred to me first during my endless list making.


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