Time in junior year seems to fly particularly fast. As the last week of school rapidly approaches, it is time to make some reflections. In the past, English classes have never been a challenge for me. Therefore one thing that surprises me this year is that I have had a lot of trouble with English III.

In English class this year, I learned to change my working methods according to my schedule. For my first formal essay, I was not prepared to only have one day after peer editing to have the final draft ready. Since in English II Pre-AP we usually had more than two days until the final copy was due, I usually wrote a really sketchy rough draft and often had to rewrite the whole essay after class editing. My bad habit resulted in a grade for the definition essay that could have been better if I did not do it the last minute. Realizing the problem, I wrote the rough draft for the second formal essay as if it was a final copy. Then I would have time to edit it in one day without rushing. I have adapted my practices to my crowded schedule, and it helped me to be more successful in the class.

However, there are some other struggles in English III that I still need to find solutions for. Even though I knew that the novels we read were long, I could not help reading them a day or two before it was due. I often needed a sense of urgency to force me to finish a book fast, so it was hard to stick to the reading schedule that I made. Maybe I should read the books that we will read next semester during the winter break, so that I could actually enjoy reading without feeling pressured.


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