Looking back, I realized that I have never actually bought my own music before, not even on iTunes. Yes, never; which is quite interesting because I always liked music but I never even bothered to buy a music CD. I guess it was because that I could often find the entire album online, so I considered buying CDs for music a waste of pocket money.

When I was little, my parents got me a whole box of classical music CDs to try to nurture my interest in this particular type of music. Each CD had part of a famous composer’s face on the spine of it, such as Beethoven or Mozart. If arranged in the correct order, the CD spines would connect and complete the illustration of a row of brilliant composers’ portraits. I never really listened to them, which defeated the whole purpose, but I did play with the CD arrangements a lot.

My dad, however, was completely opposite from me. He always bought stacks and stacks of CDs on all types of music, moving from Chinese traditional songs to modern pop music. He often played them during meals, when the family was united from a day of work. There were so many CDs that we had a whole book shelf dedicated to them. The tunes and lyrics were embedded deeply in my memory, thus whenever I hear the familiar songs, a trigger would seem to go off and I would get lost momentarily in the old days.

A particular music connects to a particular situation or scenery, and I use this trait to my advantage when remembering events. For example, my dad used to play “Hotel California” frequently when he was cooking dinner, so whenever I feel nostalgic, I can just start the tune in my head and short clips will play behind my eyelids, allowing me to relive the moment.


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