A Thought On the University of Oklahoma Fraternity

First of all, I appreciate the fact that the university did not try to cover up the video and suppress the event. Like the co-director Davis said, the responded after the act of racism had been caught on camera, but what about the racism actions that never saw the daylight? From this event, we are again reminded that “racism is alive”. Moving from Ferguson to the fraternity, we can see that the monster is not only alive, it is thriving on the history’s hatred and horror that seeped into the present like dark oil, sneaking through the filters that protect the equality and rights of man.

The fraternity reminds me strongly of the Brotherhood in “The Invisible Man”. According to Brother Jack, the organization’s purpose is to make the world a better place by creating equality and commonality among men. The fraternity holds a similar purpose, however, it failed miserably in pursuing its goal. Members of the Brotherhood warned the narrator that there are enemies within the organization. According to Brother Wrestrum, ” ‘there’s lots of poisons around. Some don’t want to shake your hand and some don’t like the idea of seeing too much of you’ ” (Ellison 393). Many are playing double parts, who ” ‘call you Brother to your face and the minute you turn your back, you ‘re a black son of a bitch’ ” (Ellison 393). Those “poisons” are shown by the fraternity members, making the fraternity of University of Oklahoma a real representation of a fictional structure.


One thought on “A Thought On the University of Oklahoma Fraternity

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