My Pets, My Childhood Buddies

I used to have many pets before I came to the US, including a turtle, goldfish, bunnies, baby chickens, baby ducks, and snails. Among all my childhood companions I formed the strongest bond with the turtle. After touring the pet market in kindergarten, I was inspired to have a little animal friend of my own. I picked the turtle because it was easier to take care of since later in primary school I would be very busy. My mom loved to mark my height once every month on the wall by the kitchen. After we had the turtle, my mom started to put the turtle’s length on the wall too, just next to my height lines. Those tiny pencil marks witnessed the time that my turtle friend and I spent together. We never had a cage for him, so he just roamed around the house freely. At night, however, it became a little creepy when the turtle’s shell banged against the floor during his adventure; I often thought that someone had broken into our house. When I took him out to play, he often got lost in the long grass. So I had to watch the grass’s twitching to know where the turtle went. He passed away one day before I finished primary school. Now thinking back, I realized that I have never had a concrete name for him: for some reasons I did not like to give pets names.

My other animal buddies came later on one by one until I graduated primary school. I used to have two bunnies. The first one was white, and the other one was caramel colored. They were my favorite pets after the turtle. I remembered one time when I put a pot of flower too close to the bunny’s cage, and by the time I realized my mistake the bunny had already eaten one third of the flower’s leaves. I never had any pictures of them because back then I did not understand a camera’s point of existence and I resented being photographed myself. My animal friends taught me the importance of responsibility and friendship. Their short lives made me treasure every moment I had with all my friends and family, for “the world is like the fleeting presence of a white stallion”.


2 thoughts on “My Pets, My Childhood Buddies

  1. I loved the story about you and your pet turtle!! It’s adorable how you both got your height/length recorded and how he just wandered around your house like a dog. Was it scary when you would lose him in the grass? If that happened to me, I’d freak out, but that’s smart how you looked out for movement in the grass.


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