English III has been an interesting journey. When I first stepped into the classroom I thought I was fairly good at writing essays and timed writings, since I never did too bad in English II Pre-AP. However, after the first essay I was a little shocked at how much I sucked. I was also forced to stop procrastinating my writings. I found that if I write a solid rough draft then I would benefit more from peer editing. It was quite a valuable change of bad habit.

I enjoyed the class discussions. Hearing so many in-depth thoughts and opinions was an amazing experience. I also liked hearing Coach Goodwyn talking about his personal experiences and connecting them to the topic we are discussing. He could always make everything we learn interesting. It made me realize that some seemingly irrelevant topics we discussed were walking close to our lives. I have also had the fortune to see the “coach-side” of Goodwyn and heard some valuable morals of sportsmanship (of life) he often said to his swimmers that motivated me to do the best I could ( it actually made me want to join the swim team :)). I was truly fortunate to have such a passionate and inspiring teacher for English III AP.


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