You are a fighter, so fight

I first fell in love with Winston Churchill’s ideology and personality when I heard one of his many fierce quotes: “If you are going through hell, keep going.” This simple advice of less than a dozen words dragged me through the last six years of my life from the swamp. This cartoon, with its harsh color combination and gruesome images of the monster being penetrated from its belly, strongly portrays Churchill’s message of never giving up, never yielding to the force.

I have always been quite rebellious, although the fire has been more under control over the past years. I absolutely love Churchill’s straightforward, uncompromising, and commanding statements.  The sense of uncertainty that once intimidated me so much now serves to excite me. Sometimes when I reflect back to the past, I still feel the sizzling defiance that saved me from complete self degradation and depression. It is ingrained in my nature. Like that little hero in the novel, I learned to become a fighter. After all the scratching and clawing and snarling and screaming, I am one step closer toward being indestructible.


One thought on “You are a fighter, so fight

  1. I think it’s awesome that you’ve found inspiration and motivation in a quote from Churchill. Most people just think of him as a historical figure, not necessarily a motivator (even if it was just that one quote), and it’s awesome that you have used that unique aspect of him to get through life.


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