“Time Boils the Rain”

“Time Hushes All Memories”
Whisper of the rain
Only shards of time remain
All those dreams you held in your hands
Turned into dust and sand
As the seasons go
Tears are covered by times flow
Step by step we walked through the tears
How did we end up here
We said we would never apart
A promise I kept in my heart
Against time we will stand tall
Even if the world shuns us all
Whisper of the snow
Reminder of our sorrow
Broken vows now lay at my feet
Forever incomplete
On that summer day
On our dreams we sailed away
Hand in hand, we could form a boat
Helping us stay afloat
You said we would never apart
And I held those words in my heart
Now I wonder if they last
Or are they fragments of the past
Our native days we will stay
Our bonds I will not betray
Oh snow, please do not crease
Those traces from our old days
Oh snow you cannot crease
Smiles and tears from our old days
Here comes the night
Under the moonlight
To each other we wave goodbye
And wait for time to fly

Lyrics translation: Xiami.com, Singer: Kewei Yu, Lyrics: Jingming Guo & Luoluo, Music: DaJiang Liu

From Movie: Tiny Times

When “Tiny Times” first came into the theatre, many critics claimed that the movie was too cliche and shallow. While I do agree with parts of the criticisms, I think that some aspects of the film, such as the song above, resonates strongly with my experience. Primary school has always been one of the brightest part of my memories. By brightest I mean literally whenever I think about those five years, the images in my mind look whitewashed like they are being altered by the “shading” tool in Microsoft Word. Whenever we have a reunion, we changed a little bit more…Until one day, we become unrecognizable. I think that in primary school, when we still had such a strong sense of right or wrong, that we had a mutual, unvoiced fear of becoming the type of people that we hated the most. The song asked if anyone has gotten lost on their journey (the translation is not exact), and I knew that many of us would diverge and never come back to the same path that we dreamed about. What is truly unnerving to think about is the chance that we devoted ourselves to follow the “right path” all along, but we unconsciously changed route. We will not even notice, until one day we look at the mirror and see the person that we hated the most. Unfortunately, such event is almost guaranteed to happen. In addition, the song talked about how we made a promise that we would never leave each other. I knew that such promises will never hold true, but it still didn’t ease the pain of facing the fact that such vows are only childish dreams and fueled by a moment of passion.

One of the main reasons I liked the song is that the lyrics parallel with some ancient poems and it uses the elements of ancient writing style (the English translation doesn’t really show them…). One example is the mentioning of the white horse (“Only shards of time remain”). The animal is often used to show the passage of time, to show how fast time flows by comparing it to the passing of a white stallion through a crevice.

(Now that the more I look at the lyrics, the more I think about Foster…)


3 thoughts on ““Time Boils the Rain”

  1. Huh. I always wondered why Mom always liked white horses. I liked the brown horses that cowboys seemed to always ride but was particularly drawn to the powerful-looking black horses like the one that Zorro rides. I knew that white horses are impractical in Texas because they sunburn so easily, so I never really appreciated the beauty of the white horse like my mother did.

    I grew up with my mom listening to strange Chinese music, and I really don’t like most of it. But I liked the song you chose. It speaks to multiple audiences.

    “Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” -J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan


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