The Searcher

In 1845, British explorer John Franklin set out on his fourth and final expedition to map out the Arctic region. He, along with his entire crew composed of more than one hundred men, vanished in the frozen tundra. Under the pressure of Mrs. Franklin’s urge, the government set out several hunts in an attempt to save, or at least find, the lost explorers. Among the questers was Elisha Kane, an American navy officer who went on two expeditions during the search fever. Kane’s ship was unfortunately frozen in ice and everyone was forced to march across the tundra for the next three months. The man proved to be a successful leader, as the crew was eventually rescued and they only lost one man in the process. During their fight for survival, Kane found Franklin’s first camp and managed to chart many important routes that would prove crucial to navigate the region, including the famous Kennedy Channel.

Kane’s entire life was full of adventure and interesting stories. He latter on became attracted to the middle sister from the famous Fox sisters, the girls who started spiritualism through their rappings. The two eventually secretly married (or at least according to Margaret, the middle sister). Kane died early at the age of 37, as his years of tumbling across harsh geographical locations degraded his health severely. He tried to move to Cuba to recover, but he ended up dying there from poor health. His body was carried from New Orleans all the way to Philadelphia, the second biggest funeral of the century.



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