A Thought on Current News

Large media sites such as the BBC have been placing the Paris attack on their headlines every day for the last week. Yet at the same time, more terrorist attacks in Beirut and other less well-known countries have been largely ignored by media. After the initial shock of hearing the Paris attack, people around the world begin to the “double standards” present in the wealthy Western countries: It is as if the lives in Paris value more than the lives in Beirut. The media knows that a brutal attack in Lebanon would gain less attention than one in France since people often see Lebanon as a wore torn country anyways.

In addition to the numerous attacks around the world, IS has recently killed a Chinese hostage. He was the first Chinese citizen to be killed since the terrorist activities started, thus dragging China into the conflicts as well. So far it is unclear what China would do.

The line between fiction and reality seems to become blurrier year by year. The attacks by ISIS seem like fictional plots. I have definitely read novels about a group of people taking over the world and they expand their armies by taking in the poor who are rejected by the wealthy powers. We see the situation clear as day when we look at it as spectators, but not when we are actually in the conflict ourselves.


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