The Imitation Game

“The Imitation Game” is an elegant combination of thrilling enigma challenge faced by Turing and heart wrenching love stories that are developed beautifully throughout the film. Played by Oscar nominee Benedict Cumberbatch, Turing is brought back to life as a living human being instead of a mere historical figure whose presence eroded away with time. Looking at the basic plot line, the film is about Turing’s machine and a socially awkward man who devoted his entire life to his creation. Director Morten Tyldum cleverly portrays such a seemingly simple story by creating a storm of emotions that are made possible through the actors’ extraordinary chemistry and delivery. The sentiments serve to touch the audience and make them feel as if Turing is someone they have known all their life and cared deeply about.

The chemistry between Joan Clarke (Keira Knightly) and Turing is quite complicated and best depicted at the last scene, which is my personal favorite. The film successfully educates the public and honored Turing as a war hero. It is a breeze of fresh mountain air that blows through the greasy atmosphere of our pop culture today.


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