“The Boat Studio”

Claude Monet’s “The Boat Studio”

I saw him crossing the river in a storm yesterday. He did not seem to notice the wind nor the rain. I grew increasingly anxious and shouted at him to leave the water, but he made no gesture that indicated he heard me. He disappeared behind the layers of rain seconds later.

And there he was again, stoic and silent. The air had not yet recovered from last night’s storm and the sky already signified another thunderstorm with a golden hue. I stood on the river bank, watching the boat approaching me with the old man inside. The mist in the air was heavy and suffocating. I shuffled uncomfortably in the mud, suddenly anxious to meet the man. The water in the air grew heavier with every minute, softening the sound in the air and discreetly added a tranquil quality to the scene. The man turned his head away from me almost shyly as the boat brushed past my muddy shoes. I was fortunate enough to catch a glance of the inside of his boat, however. He was painting a distressed man in a storm.


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